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PSA: this isn't my main account and it's mostly private

Follow @laser it' my main I and I usually boost my magical stuff there anyway

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The first thing about magic is that it's real.

I'm going to try something with magic I've never done. Wish me luck :chaosstarw:

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dishing out likes on normie posts from my lewd alt

Laser :chaosstarw: boosted is the most woke leftist instance cause @Lumb helped us eliminate the borders

Good morning to local timeline ONLY

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Sometimes i forget i'm on my lewd account and i just fave innocuous stuff and that's gotta be confusing for the OP like "what the hell? THIS is what makes her horny??"

Thinking about deleting all my other alts and just making this my backup.

My avi is about as slimy as i can already handle

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excuse this hot take but magic is nature and vise freakin' versa i encourage you to embrace the mystic in your life and to stop adding it up and subtracting it and instead begin experiencing new dimensions of things you took for granted

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grimes redeem yourself by funding the revolution challenge

:chaosstarw: :catslinger: :chaosstarw:
Howdy yall I'm the sheriff of jerk off magic

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