"Hey, Grace, what time is it?"
"Oh, it's sticker time."
"Like, I have to catch a bus, what ti-"

Look, if anyone else wants stickers, they come in an incredible four(!) varieties. Get 'em while they're hot at hypnovir.us/stick.html

I promise that I'll delete the email with your address as soon as I send the stickers out.

I'm like Cinderella but when the clock strikes midnight instead of losing my clothes I fall into a deep pit of depression

Got two minutes left of happy hornt before it becomes lonely hornt

i have my toot quality set to "excellent" but my toots still come out mediocre devs fix this

Baby crescensia gets eaten by a dress Show more

Things that need to be normalised in 2019:

• people using they/them pronouns
• people using neopronouns
• people using multiple sets of pronouns
• people using plural pronouns
• people using their name instead of pronouns
• asking people what pronouns they use

Can believe my girlfriend is big leaguing me smh

reminder that using multiple pronoun sets is valid

They/them pronouns should be normalized 👏

house flipping should be illegal tbh

imagine someone outbidding you on a house you want to live in for the sole purpose of making it more expensive

every time a brand uses this word innocently, a furry gets its toebeans

👏 fawn 👏 over 👏 me 👏

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