i want to do another kiss but we aren't hanging out until next week and i'm not sure how my date on Saturday is gonna go :yell:

oh, they meant *no* borders. ok. wow

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Sometimes i forget i'm on my lewd account and i just fave innocuous stuff and that's gotta be confusing for the OP like "what the hell? THIS is what makes her horny??"

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does anyone want to teach me how to dance?

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anyway. sad on an alt, love on the fedi. i'll go back to main

how much shit do i do in an attempt to just be someone else?

how many tabs have i had open for months, and how much better would my life be if i actually read them?

i'm here to be naked and sometimes that means different stuff, ok?

when Kanye said "and i always find- i always find something wrong" i really felt that

i can't tell if i want to be around people forever or never again. it's kinda tearin me up, tbh

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nude photos of self, ec, tits & all that jazz, boosts+++ Show more

does anyone want to teach me how to dance?

B€ nic€ to m€, i can't find th€ right symbol on my phon€

Cruising the local TL and having a blast over here

:drake_like: girls with shaved legs
:drake_like: girls with unshaved legs

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