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anyway you can feel free to use "they" or "she" and also "he" with me although lately the "he" side has been a bit weird but i won't get mad at my friends for using a "he" here and there!

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Magic is real

Destroy your perceptions and what you think you know about our universe

This is the creed of the Nutt Church

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run out of town for having the juiciest ass going

@garfiald I love to receive thick, juicy Garfield posts through my tight little irises

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seen the word clout so much lately that it looks weird to me now

is cryptids a vanity instance: the greatest thread in the history of mastodon, locked by a moderator after 12,239 pages of heated debate,

wait a you think gaga meant "penis" with "disco stick" ??? wha whaw haw

it's days like this when you wonder what the definition of a "clown noise" is

Any impressions you may have that "starwall" is a real person in the real world are false, I am in fact an infallible personality hologram matrix that exists purely on your screen. Reach out and touch this post, and you will make contact with my truest form

my vanity instance is crumbling, and some blame my penis

defederating from because my pet cat turned out to be a human witch & she cast a hex on me

joyously taking up the sisyphean task of tucking my girlfriend's hair behind her ear

Help theres a really cute girl at the bus stop what do I do should I talk to her??

just seen a alt-right youtube thumbnail saying that non-binary genders are the path to communism and like... hell yea dude, i fuckin hope so

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Church of the Nutt Godd

The church of the Nutt Godd.