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adding a new revision! i don't like "he" anymore so pls do "they" or "she" :)

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every time halsey gets with another greasy ass cishet white guy it fuckin kills me like halsey bb PLEASE I'm RIGHT here

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I die every time he gives me this look πŸ˜­πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

bro.. what if post malone was the joker. bro. that would be so sick, bro.

sometimes I read my post from the day before and I'm like what the fuck was which bitch on but then just keep posting the same bullshit

Minimum ages in the US:
buy cigarettes: 18
smoke cigarettes: 20
vote: 22
marital sex: 23
buy alcohol: 25
pre-marital sex: 26
drink alcohol: 27
rent a car: must be a boomer
join the military: 14
buy a gun (in person): 11
buy a gun (online): 12
drive a tractor: 7

I've been laughing at the phrase "Potter heads grab your wands" for so long it's nice to find out where it came from

all the users who migrated from tumblr want rich text because they want to really put some flair into making a bulleted list of fandoms and the respective things that each should grab

if I see one more german tech bro following me I'm gonna block them on sight idgaf anymore

And I hate the fucking tech bros and reply guys that think they can constantly overstep boundaries with their dumbass comments

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