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ok here's what it is

the current "me" is composed of me, a brain, and a flesh sack that "me" controls through the brain

the flesh sack is currently presented along somewhat traditional lines of "boy"

"me" is another entity entirely that is capable of any gender

so I think I'm not a cis boy. you can still use "he/him" pronouns but if you use "they/them" or "she/her" I will be just as happy as with male pronouns, use them interchangeably with me however you like!

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Magic is real

Destroy your perceptions and what you think you know about our universe

This is the creed of the Nutt Church

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Mastodon feels more like the real world than the real world because people actually acknowledge my existence here whereas in the real world I just sit at a fucking desk and get left on read

me: i finally have learned how to deal with rejection in a healthy and productive way!

*Gets straight up ghosted instead of even getting the respect of rejection*

oh no!

2019 we cutting toxicity out our lives *blocks literally every single person i know on every site except this one*

me: im done going out of my way for people! If someone wants to date me they can approach me themselves!

also me: *dies completely alone*

The important thing to remember is that nobody understands what it's like to be me and my troubles are wholly unique

how u gonna say some shit like "jackson omg i can't do that to you" but just leave a dude on read

lol she looked at my instagram story but still ain't replying like okay


you should grow up lmao get outta here

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real talk tho candycane is a really cute name for a hen

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Church of the Nutt Godd

The church of the Nutt Godd.