This is the only day of the year where you can boost this

The total combined boosts of this video across all instances I've posted it on are easily like 300-350

me, seeing this boosted again: *sigh* boost

@nuttgodd Yet again the media is setting unrealistic standards that we, the everyday people, can never live up to.

@nuttgodd I feel like I’ve seen this somewhere before, idk where tho

A Coochie Carol: coochie elf is the ghost of coochie past, coochie seal is the ghost of coochie present, the physical embodiment of fat ropes is the ghost of coochie future

@nuttgodd I've held off on actually watching the video for what feels like a year and can now report that it's worse than I could have imagined


haha good one nutt! ill have to send this along to linda and the boys!

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