Cishet culture teils you love is something to be intimidated by

It doesn't tell you that love is a companionate loyalty that can be shared between friends and lovers

It tells you love is restrictive and permanent, possessive and controlling

The love I feel for my friends and my crushes may be different than the love I feel for my life partners, but it's still love

Feeling restricted against expressing your feelings of love for someone by cishet culture really really sucks

We'd all be a lot happier and healthier if everyone was more affectionate and open with their feelings while maintaining respect for others right to decline that affection and feelings without taking it personally

Me: *in the middle of posting a long sincere thread about love n stuff* holy shit is that the wienermobile

Queers: love is something infinitely rewarding that is gradually built over a long time
Straights: love is something that happens to you wether you like it or not

@nuttgodd this is the town thing all over again
chishet culture is not a thing

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