@HYPERLINK this fuckung thing is the worst shit I've seen

@HYPERLINK this is the most grotesque fucking gremlin shit. I want to kill it


body horror 

@nuttgodd i am llosing my fucking mind at work reaidng this hoyl Fuck

@nuttgodd this might just be the best sonic post of the day jesus christ

more body horror 

more body horror, blood 

@nuttgodd @HYPERLINK I don't understand how this ended up on my TL or what terrible sequence of events had to happen to make these words string together like this but I dearly, dearly wish they hadn't because this leaves a scar on my mind a mile deep and twice as wide. It will haunt the silent moments of my nights going forward, like a specter just at the edge of my vision but disappearing in a blue blur when I try to look towards it. I am horrified.

@HYPERLINK @nuttgodd Bury me alive because I'd rather that than recall that image

body horror 

body horror 

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