boy nutt has been going through a lot so he's gonna take a nap in the mind palace next to Jeffy, girl nutt is taking the reigns today. She/her pls! 💕

all my versions are humming with activity again. boy nutt is surly but the rest will keep him in line. Glowing yellow hypersphere nutt is trying to [redacted]

anyway you can feel free to use "they" or "she" and also "he" with me although lately the "he" side has been a bit weird but i won't get mad at my friends for using a "he" here and there!


adding a new revision! i don't like "he" anymore so pls do "they" or "she" :)

(i might sometimes use "he" for myself in image descriptions but in terms of other people referring to me i typically just prefer not that)

@nuttgodd hey, Nutts pretty great if you ask me, they make cool toots and she's really cool

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