I'd say Americans need to get in on this mikshaking business but I guarantee the second a GOP politician got a drop of cream on them, milkshakes would be banned in the states so fast it'd make your head spin

@nuttgodd Okay but here me out

Use petrol instead

Make them ban petrol to save their suits

@offtheball that'd be amazing lol

Jokes aside I really love the use of milkshakes because of all the layers that go into it. One, it's (perhaps unintentionally) a nod to milkshake duck, two, it's impossible to frame it as being dangerous. A milkshake is associated with the innocence of youth and dessert. It's also a fucking mess

When they outlaw milkshakes, only the outlaws will have milkshakes :antifablobcat:

@nuttgodd I think it's far more likely for them to pass a variation of the stand your ground law where you're allowed to preemptively shoot anyone for even having a milkshake within your general vicinity

@radicalrobit everyone should start bringing milkshakes to every political event regardless of if they intend on throwing them just to make em shiver

@radicalrobit every time I see this post I've already forgotten again and get that little moment of realization again

@nuttgodd there's also the crucial 'you can make a lot of cum jokes about it' element!

@nuttgodd this was supposed to be a reply to your second post about the layers of milkshake throwing, i blame fedilab

Everyone loves Milkshake Duck; the duck that drinks milkshakes.
[10 days later]
We regret to inform you milkshakes are antifa

@nuttgodd It will never happen. Too many obese people would rebel again the GOP and thats one of their core bases.

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