MerchNow sent me a free CD from Rise Records with my order and it's actually an album I love yo

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on a scale of 1-10 how out of pocket would it be for me to buy this and wear it in public when i go out n stuff

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Pardon my hairy legs but here is the front of the shorts skirt! It's definitely "frumpy" but it could be worse

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You know, I absolutely love the PW HU NMD silhouette and lacing, and the flannel-type plaid pattern on these would be interesting for a light winter sneaker, but I absolutely am NOT gonna pay $250 retail for these. They really just need to put out this style in the solid colorways they originally did tbh because resale of those is fucking ridiculous

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Church of the Nutt Godd

The church of the Nutt Godd.