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ᕗᕗᕗᕗ▹ ᗙ‣ᗙᗙᕗ‣ᗙ▹ᗙ‣ ▹ᗙ‣ᗙᕗ▹ᗙ‣ ᗙᕗ▹ᕗ▹ᗙ‣‣ᗙ ᗙ‣ᗙ‣‣ ▹ᕗ▹ᕗ‣ᕗ ▹ᗙ‣ᕗ ᗙᕗᕗ▹‣ ▹ᕗᗙᕗ ᗙ ‣‣ᕗ▹‣ᕗᗙ ᕗ‣ᗙ▹‣ᕗ ▹‣▹ᕗ

wait that's not actually what the dragon(s) in GoT sound like, right

The bodega by our house is run by a Coptic Christian family.

They adopted a kitten and named him Banjo.

He wears a bow tie with a little bell on it.

twitch chat: "who the fuck is tom bombadil"

"the lon lon eggs, all the rage with the girls! you're a boy, you don't need this!"

i want an #enby with a short skirt and a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong leather trenchcoat

God I love wearing rings. Nothing makes me feel more regal/fancy

making 401k per year, my jaw is covered in crystals and my body is lurching

@woomy manager voice: there are no swords available at this time

@woomy just checked. there are no swords available at this time

if you arent ending every other discord message with 🤠 you're using the program wrong


My (M25) wife (F25) said mothman is her boyfriend. How do I explain to her that I could beat mothman both physically AND in a Magic: The Gathering match?

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Church of the Nutt Godd

The church of the Nutt Godd.