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okay I'm gonna put the phone down and try to sleep. good night kongs

these are me trying to describe how I feel I've been acting on here lately. hopefully these recent habits doesn't bring about the wrong crowd

watch every single asmr video at the same time and die of both relaxation and disgust

I genuinely like how quickly mint shuts down and boots up... it's like instant

aaaaa highlighting lolcat text makes the highlights rainbow too..... I wish I were better at terminal so I could abuse this more

I'm glad I don't have to worry about being "left on read" because my phone doesn't show that shit properly :9

I just commissioned and worked with @starwall on a #solarpunk flag. These are a few iterations I enjoyed seeing the most. Please feel free to boost, download, and share across whatever you like.
If you'd like higher def versions, please contact me or starwall.
Shoutout to @socalledunitedstates for the base flag inspiration.

the year before last I got my brother a shirt with chunky kong on it because he was (and still is to a lesser extent) really into dk64 and when he was a lot younger he would always play as chunky
he still wears it sometimes

took me a while to learn vsauce and vinesauce are not the same

can't get over that I didn't know what vsauce was quite a few years ago and I just thought people were talking about vinesauce

anyways check me boosting those doodles tomorrow at like 11a

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