why do linux software devs think I know how to compile c in a wacky new os

I just want a fucken task manager

just looking at this folder of code on my desktop I had to download off github and gettin angry

@woomy the one you want isn't in your distro's package manager? package manager is the recommended way to install software on linux. manually compiling shouldn't be necessary unless the program isn't in the distro's repos

@mod I can't find what I'm looking for on that package manager

I'm not thinking like. sticky notes. I'm thinking like, windows program that showed you the cpu usage of all of your shitty browser tabs

@woomy if you just want one for your browser tabs, it's built into firefox and chrome-based browsers (shift+esc on chrome, firefox is menu->more->task manager).

what desktop or distro are you using? gnome and kde should both have one preinstalled. might have to search "monitor" or "task" in your desktop's search menu.

@mod mint xfce. I want one for all of my open programs, not actually just browser tabs. I didn't know that about the browsers having their own though, that's neat, thanks!

@woomy yeah the browser ones are useful since they can actually break down cpu and memory usage per tab or the like.

weird that the system one didn't show up at first but glad you got it now!

@mod .....alright, found it. idk why it didn't show up the first three times I looked for it

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